We are looking for writers, editors, student-writers, interested readers, disinterested readers, champions and adversaries of the writing world, writing profs and instructors, artists, and any combination thereof to write something for our ongoing web series MARGINALIA. This can be anything: writing exercises, dispatches from the classroom, anecdotes from revising, editing, submitting, triumphing, failing, laughing, what-have-you.

If you would like to propose a regular column for our blog, please send a good example and a description of the project. 

We are always looking to feature visual art from exciting new artists on our front and back covers as well as on our blog. For our purposes, we need to see a final, finished work accompanied by several images of the work as it was in progress. We are a journal of process and want to show the visual art in stages -- from rough sketches all the way to final product.

Please submit a final composition for consideration (high res images only), along with a number of high res images of the work in progress. Artwork submitted without images of the work in progress will not be considered.

Doctors and Writers both recommend exercising. Do you have a great writing exercise or prompt? Share it with draft: exercises you've used in the classroom, for your own writing, that you've been assigned, that you've dreamed up and never actually done but that would be spectacular if one only had the courage to try it.

draft: the journal of process